1. What band do you love that metalheads may consider to be lame?

There's a bunch of those, depending on my mood. Folks like Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, Kate Bush. Even metal bands get slack for supposedly "selling out" like In Flames. Whatever, man. You can't knock good songwriting.

2. What is the most important thing about preparing to play live?

Getting enough rest and not overdoing alcohol before you play. You just have to be mentally and physically focused to do the best job you can. If you don't prepare in all facets, it will catch up to you and affect your longevity. Also, don't get over-pumped for a show. Remain in control and, like Walter Payton in the end zone, act like you've been there before.

3. Name a defunct band you wish were still together.

Soundgarden, for sure. I think it's been proven that their other projects show they can still make great music. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble too. That whole band was so tight and mean, they were scary. I would say The Pogues but now I hear they're touring England-sweeeeet!

4. Name a treasured piece of clothing you own.

My Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey from the early 80s, before Lemieux. And my Iron Maiden soccer jersey, that's a gem. Oh, my County Tipperary hurling jersey too. I just got that over Christmas.

5. What is your lucky number and why?

Ultimately it's 13. That was my number when I was in little league baseball. I pitched the winning game of our World Series and my dad was the coach. I have other numbers, like 2 and 4, but 13 wins out. Plus, the Pixies have a tune called "Number 13 Baby" and they're one of my favorite bands ever.

6. What is an important lesson learned from recording?

God, I learn so much from recording, it's great. Vocal harmonies are really neat to experiment with. Also, just working on staying with the beat and not screwing up a tempo is a good exercise. It's hard these days, with technology running wild, to not try to make the "perfect recording." I can appreciate going with a good take and choosing a vibe instead of over-thinking a song in the studio.

7. What is your favorite holiday?JAYMZ LENNFIELD

I'd say Christmas but I'm not really into the whole present exchange idea. A gathering with friends and family, going to service and watching my niece sing, and eliminating the commercial aspects of it, is plenty good enough for me. But if Halloween were an official holiday, that would be right up there. I love that time of year!

8. Who is a person you knew who inspired you to play music?

My grama Ethel taught me piano and basic musical structure when I was 5. She also got me into church choir as I went to a parochial school as a kid. She was very much involved in church activities and her own outlets such as dancing up until age 80. She was really into the performance of it all and she showed me how to have fun and let loose while still being a professional. She performed all over the country and no routine was too daunting for her. Not that I can even attempt to do the dance thing, but her use of music, and varying types in her routines, was a huge influence on me. While the rest of the family was interested in baseball, she got me going on the arts.

9. What is your favorite recorded metal scream?

Pretty much anything by David Wayne on the first two Metal Church albums floors me. Those dudes were so much fun and I'd love to see them again now that they're back on the road. The Bruce Dickinson scream in "Number of the Beast" was one I unleashed on my own at my high school graduation. That didn't go over very well with the majority of folks there….

10. What have you learned about Larz since you started playing in Beatallica?

For Morrissey, meat is murder. For Larz, meat is a must. Red meat. A lot of it. I also learned he doesn't snore like some monster and I'm ok to split a hotel room with him. All that steak just knocks him out. What else…well, he is a good sport and is willing to not only play along with this crazy Beatallica idea, but is into the whole songwriting aspect and performing of it all. He wants authenticity in the songs and style and that's a big plus. On a sappy side, he cares a hella lot about his family and his kids are a huge part of his life. What a meaty sweetie!!

Songs by Jaymz

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