Born on the remote Scottish Isle of Orkney, Kliff was orphaned at a young age and raised by a she-wolf in a cave near the ruins of Skara Brae. It was there in the Gaelic Winter's eternal twilight amongst the stone monolith circle that he learned how to mark his territory, wield a club, and bay at the full moon.

Later Kliff was found by kindly American tourists who brought him home and raised him as their own, providing him with an elementary education including; music, readin', riting, and his times and goezintas tables.

Today, using his cudgel of choice - the McBurtney signature four string Prickenfûcker 4003, Kliff plays with the internet oddity Beatallica, providing merriment and mirth across the globe, while enjoying examples of the finest in international fermented beverages.

When not touring with the band Kliff enjoys longship rowing, gardening, martial arts, and producing his own brand of Mjød and Beer through McBurtney Brewing.

Kliff McBurtney @ Mortiz Bastaei


Songs from Kliff's Other Projects

Congrats to Kliff on the release of his album by his viking/folk metal band, MJØD.
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The Crusties - Ratz Revenge
schizogods - Unauthorized Movement