1. What language would you like to speak fluently and why?

Japanese, because its completely different from languages like english, spanish, italian, which are all basically based around the same phonic structure.

2. What is the best performance you've seen lately, musical or otherwise?

The Mars Volta, 03, chicago

3. What is your favorite holiday?

Labor day because its one of the few that hasn't been tainted by the corporate machine.

4. What is your favorite recorded metal scream?

Any scream from Dimitri on Dillingers, Calculating Infinity.

5. What is the best song you've ever had a hand in writing?

Ultrasense, from ep1, by Ka

6. What is the worst thing that you've seen that served as a warningRingo Larz
to not do something?

I saw someone get plowed head-on while they were standing on a corner. The car was going about 40-45 and tossed the person 15 feet into the air and straight into a brick wall. I was about 20 feet away so it was all very vivid. That served as a warning not to drink excessively and drive.

7. Name your favorite horror movie.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

8. If you could change your real name, what would it be?

Buck Naked.

9. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Tom&Jerry, even though thats more of a cartoon duo.

10. What have you learned about Kliff since you started playing
in Beatallica?

I've learned that his hair is very thick and lustrous and that he can grow facial hair faster than any mammal on earth!!!

Ka - The (Road to) Nowhere (with Krk)

Ka - The Wheel of Ka II (with Krk)